This Feeling (feat. Eve Vickerson)

from by Banana Nightmare



"This Feeling" spawned from a magical one-off improvised jam session by past band "Expedition Pie", in which Steve Stankevicius (Banana Nightmare) was a member.

Amazingly, the singing that feature in this track, performed by Eve Vickerson, are almost identical to the first ever and only run through of the song the band played. The fact that the lyrics and melody were made up on the spot translates to the raw emotion that can be felt in the track. The ballad's obscure structure that effortlessly ebbs and flows must be credited to drummer Nathan Stankevicius, and the deep musical connection and understanding with brother Steven that can only come through years of playing together. Gaston Ropolo, Expedition Pie bassist, is credited for devising the initial chords and bass line.

The drumming recording for this song is performed by 12 year old girl Gina "G" Osmar of the United States. G was able to capture the essence of the song, maintaining its feeling whilst adding in her own valuable variations. This will hopefully be the first of many collaborations between this young drummer, with talent beyond her years, and Banana Nightmare.


I've got this feeling
It's now or never
I don't know
The world keeps turning
Now what you say?
What is it?

I've got this feeling
The world is turning
I don't know
Where we're going?
Yeah I can't decide

We can be safe
Instead of dying alone

would it feel,
What would it feel like?

I've got this feeling
It's not enough
to lie always
It's never needed
What you say?
It's time.
I know it's too late
It's now or never
Now or never
I've got this feeling
Is it only a dream?

Take it away

I've got this feeling
It's now or never
Why don't u stay?
And I'll go on
Coz we don't need it
I've got this feeling
It's all too late


from Bananageddon, released May 17, 2012
Vocals and lyrics by Eve Vickerson
Back-up vocals by Gaston Ropolo
Guitars and bass written by Gaston Ropolo and Steven Stankevicius
Samples and auxillary instruments written by Steven Stankevicius
Drums written by Nathan Stankevicius and Gina Osmar
Guitars and bass performed by Steven Stankevicius
Drums performed by Gina Osmar
Produced by Steven Stankevicius
Mixed and mastered by Steven Stankevicius


all rights reserved



Banana Nightmare Brisbane, Australia

Banana Nightmare sounds like the universe becoming self-aware for the first time.

Through a mixture of face-melting post-rock and introspective shoe-gaze music, Banana Nightmare hopes to speak out against dogma and superstitious thinking, whilst promoting critical reasoning and scientific discoveries.

The first EP, "Bananageddon", will be released over the course of 2012.
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